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To cut a person in half always has been an iconic part of magic, now we all can do it almost anywhere, with out boxes and complications.

Light weight, pack small play big, no gimmicks in your body...

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This version of the T-Cut is very light (9kg) because it was made thinking in a portable cut in half, that is completely  demountable,  and can fit in to a suitcase that you can take even in a plane as regular luggage. It will arrive to you in box of 
790 x 590 x 200 mm
. This prop is not made for receive impacts, stand on top of if or other abrupt treatment.
Anyway with your purchase you buy the rights of performing the TCut illusion, and also to costumize to your own style or/and needs. Always for your own use, and never for sale or share with third parties.
We have also a heavy duty version. Ask for it if you want more information.
1) Is only available a male version?
The one we sale in the web site is a male version, but is a female version available by request, you can send a message for more info.
2) Are there size restrictions or limitations for the performer?
We build the prop after the client pay, so we always ask for a measure before building and we adapt to it.
3) How physically demanding is this for the performer?
Is hard to say, each body is different, we can not say it requires special flexibility, but it does requires some,  normally if the person is able to bend until the shoulders are perpendicular to the floor it should not be any problem , if you have flexibility issues we prefer to do a skype meeting and take a moment to analyze the possibilities.
3) What are the angles like for performance?  In other words, what restrictions are there for performing? Proscenium?  Surrounded?
We provide a piece like a little back door for hard situations, with that piece you can go also surrounded, even without that has very good angles.
4) Does it come with cases?  Are cases available?
it comes with a fabric bag with wheels, it packs very flat not hard to put in a big hard suitcase, or to build a case for it, but we don't sell it.
5) Have costumes restrictions?
It came with a shirt you can use as your costume, or you ca use it as a sample for customize your own clothe. In that case you only need to do a minimum change in your actual costume.